Many of these videos of snippets of full-length videos and some are connected with other products, such as books. Whenever possible, I put a link to where the related products could be purchased. 

Rollo May Videos

Rollo May on Existential Psychology Video (Snippet; 2 min 52 seconds)

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This is a controversial clip on Rollo May, which some people have a negative reaction to. This can be interpreted as being very negative and condescending about other approaches to therapy. I think, in general, May had respect for different approaches but felt that some other approaches, not all, were “gimmick therapy” and did not sufficiently address important issues in psychotherapy. For the most part, existential therapists are very respectful of other approaches to therapy.

James F. T. Bugental

Existential-Humanistic Therapy with James F. T. Bugtental (Snippet, 3 minutes 16 seconds)
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This, in my view, is a snippet of one of the best training/demonstration videos I have ever seen.

James Bugental Existential-Humanistic Therapy Interview (Snippet, 3 minutes, 55 seconds)
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James Bugental Live Consultation Psychotherapy Video (Snipped; 4 minutes 38 seconds)

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Kirk Schneider

American Psychological Association Interview with Kirk Schneider (Snippet; 6 minutes 21 seconds)

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Interview on “The Mystery of Being” (9 Parts)
Part 1 (10 minutes) 
Part 2 (7 minutes 29 seconds)
Part 3 (9 minutes 57 seconds)
Part 4 (7 minutes 58 seconds)
Part 5 (5 minutes 34 seconds)
Part 6 (7 minutes 8 seconds)
Part 7 (7 minutes 7 seconds)
Part 8 (6 minutes 32 seconds)
Part 9 (5 minutes 38 seconds) 
Related books by Schneider to purchase on Amazon (click on title to purchase:
Awakening to Awe: Personal Stories of Profound TransformationRediscovery of Awe: Splendor, Mystery and the Fluid Center of Life

Viktor Frankl

Interview with Viktor Frankl
Part 1 (8 minutes 41 seconds) 
Part 2 (10 minutes 27 seconds) 
Part 3 (9 minutes 34 seconds) 

Viktor Emil Frankl and Logotherapy (6 minutes 32 seconds) 

Viktor Frankl – Search for Meaning Lecture (4 minutes 22 seconds)

Viktor Frankl – Will to Meaning Interview (3 minutes 19 seconds) 

Viktor Frankl – Ultimate Meaning and Religion Interview (4 minutes 9 seconds)

Viktor Frankl – Existentialism and Behaviorism (6 minutes, 46 seconds)

Emmy van Deurzen

Interview with Emmy van Deurzen on Becoming an Existential Therapist

Phenomenology Videos

Jon Raskin Interviewing Brent Robbins on Phenomenology
This is an interview from the 3rd Annual Society of Humanistic Psychology Conference held October 2009 at the University of the Rockies in Colorado Springs. We set this interview up as a re-enactment, of sorts, from a conversation we had at the American Psychological Association Conference earlier in the year. It was such a great discussion on the similarities and difference of constructivism and phenomenology that I felt it would be a great help to students trying to understand this. 
Raskin & Robbins, Part 1 (9 minutes, 2 seconds)
Raskin & Robbins, Part 2 (9 minutes, 10 seconds)
Raskin & Robbins, Part 3 (8 minutes, 18 seconds)
Raskin & Robbins, Part 4 (8 minutes, 44 seconds)
Raskin & Robbins, Part 5 (8 minutes, 23 seconds)
Raskin & Robbins, Part 6 (7 minutes, 28 seconds)

Terror Management Vidoes

Jeff Greenberg Interview – Terror Management Theory
Part 1 (9 minutes 33 seconds) 
Part 2 (9 minutes 41 seconds) 
Part 3 (6 minutes 32 seconds)

Sheldon Solomon – Lecture on Becker and Death
Part 1 (8 minutes, 18 seconds)
Part 3 (9 minutes, 51 seconds)
Part 4 (9 minutes, 51 seconds)
Part 5 (9 minutes, 5 seconds)
Part 6 (7 minutes, 38 seconds)
Part 7 (8 minutes, 20 seconds)
Part 8 (7 minutes, 23 seconds)
Part 9 (7 minutes, 33 seconds)

Sheldon Solomon – On Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death 
Part 1 (10 minutes, 4 seconds) 
Part 2 (10 minutes, 4 seconds) 
Part 3 (10 minutes, 8 seconds) 
Part 4 (10 minutes, 21 seconds)
Part 5 (10 minutes, 2 seconds)
Part 6 (9 minutes, 54 seconds) 
This really more of a podcast with a picture show, but an interesting presentation.

Other Existential Related Videos

Sam Keen on his Interview with Ernest Becker on Becker’s Deathbed (4 minutes, 41 seconds)
I find this to be one of the most powerful videos on this list, very touching and meaningful. 

Sam Keen on War (50 seconds)

Ernesto Spinelli – On Heidegger (5 minutes, 17 seconds)

Mick Cooper – Interview on Existentialism (8 minutes 16 seconds) 

Robert Solomon Lecture on Camus’s Concept of The Absurd (7 minutes 34 seconds)