Existential TeleMental Health Therapy (Video Therapy)

It can be difficult to find an existential therapist, particularly in certain regions. Although I see most of my clients in my office in Colorado Springs, I am committed to providing a broader access to existential therapy. I do provide existential therapy at times using video calls, which is sometimes referred to as TeleMental Health, Video Therapy, Online Therapy, or TeleTherapy. Currently, I offer TeleMental Health options in Colorado and Iowa as well as countries outside of the United States that allow for this option. I am looking to add the ability to offer TeleMental Health in other States that allow this as well. While TeleMental Health is a wonderful option for many people, it is not appropriate for all clients. If you would like to find out more information about my TeleMental Health Services, please visit my private practice website at www.drlouishoffman.com.